8 Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Law Firm Marketing

8 Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Law Firms, that will increaseyour client base.


The difference between your law firm’s ability to gain the clients you want and the one who struggles isn’t a matter of knowledge of the law or track record. It’s the ability to market your services effectively to your potential clients. Targeting clients online today requires a potent, tech savvy, online marketing strategy geared specifically towards your law firm. Here are 8 effective ways to target those clients. 

Create An Effective Website


Your website needs to showcase what you do, be clear about your niche and the different services you offer. It needs to be highly visually appealing, easy to use, load fast, be mobile friendly, optimized for SEO and offer free resources of information. 

It also needs have a clear call to action (CTA), an online booking option, and easy to find contact information. 

Using a law firm web design specialist is the best option. It’s worthwhile to give your practice the edge it needs in this competitive marketplace. Your website needs to serve you well 24/7/365. Make sure it’s done right by a professional the first time. 

Create a Google My Business Profile


Your law firm needs to be listed in top local directories like Google My Business and others to be found in local search results. This requires a separate listing on Google. Your law firm’s pages should be filled out accurately with all pertinent information such as phone, address, website URL and your law practice services and categories. 

Establish a Presence on Social Media


Even if social media is the last thing you want to consider you need to. More and more people expect businesses to be on it and if you’re not, then they will go elsewhere. If you don’t have time to devote to social media, then a qualified firm can take it over for you by setting it up, updating important information, posting your services and curating relevant content. 

Social media is also great for finding resources and experts for other professionals you can network with and grow your practice. 

Use Keyword Research to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines


In order to be found in the search engines your website must be optimized for local keywords. 

These local keywords should include your local city, state or neighborhood. People more likely to search for your legal services will add the local terms such as ‘Miami Injury Attorney’ ‘Jupiter Real Estate Attorney’ etc. 

Consider PPC Advertising to Rank #1


A pay-per-click or PPC ad campaign is essential to getting seen online. Especially if you’re just starting to market your law firm. Organic ranking takes time and a proper PPC ad is the only way to put you in the number one spot and compete with the top players. 

Just be aware that these can be tricky and it’s best to hire a professional to handle it for you and set it up right or you can run the risk of wasting a lot of money. 

Blog Regularly for SEO


The more valuable information you can add to your site the better it is for your clients to view you as an authority in your particular field of law. 

Adding a legal blog to your website is a highly effective marketing source that every business should take advantage of. It increases your page views and thus your search engine ranking. 

You can also guest post articles of interest on other top, relevant sites which is another method of obtaining a higher ranking and domain authority for your website. 

Start an Email Campaign


An email marketing campaign is an excellent way to target specific groups of people. Send out newsletters and create an automated drip campaign to convert visitors to clients. To collect emails, create an opt in on your website where you offer a free eBook or webinar or any number of helpful resources. 

Sign Up for an Attorney Directory 

The more specialized listings and directories your law practice is in, the easier it will be for clients to locate you. Do this by creating a lawyer profile in online law directories. These directories should have the same consistent information everywhere. 

Develop Your Legal Marketing Strategy


Acquiring new clients online has never been tougher. The best chance you have of growing into a more prosperous legal practice is to implement all of the strategies above. 

Each one of these steps are necessary to obtain clients and have a successful legal practice but take up lots of time and energy. Good legal marketing involves a lot of moving parts. 

Between running a practice, managing other people and clients do you really have the time to study up on the latest Google and SEO algorithms and perform all of these tasks? 

Contact the web design and search engine marketing experts at Bullseye Law Firm Marketing to automate these steps and get the best Attorney Marketing strategies working for you today. 

Call us at 800-610-8140. 

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