Project Information

Are your prices flat rate or per hour?

We offer both options. If you stick to the timetable and scope defined in our flat rate proposal, we can guarantee that the price we quote will be the price we charge. We make changes to the design or even functionality, we are happy to work on a time basis.

How does the development process work?

There are several stages: Discovery – If the project is a rebuild, we review your current content and make further recommendations for improvements. If it’s a new site, we start by discussing the subjects and functionality you invision for your site and develop an outline for your practice. We provide all content for the website, including images.

Are your projects mobile-friendly?

Yes. Every site we have built since 2010 has been mobile-friendly. The method we use to achieve this is known as responsive design, which ensures that the site works well on a wide variety of screen sizes.

Will I be able to make changes myself?

Yes. We use WordPress to build our sites and this powerful content management system allows anyone with good computer skills to make changes to their own website. We always remain available to make changes for you, if you don’t have time or you need more complex changes. If you need any assistance, you may reach out to our tech support team.

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