Law Firm Call Tracking & Analytics Reporting

Detailed analytics to identify and increase your ROI

Law Firm Call Tracking & Analytics Reporting


Detailed analytics to identify and increase your ROI

You need to see the big picture. Law Firm call tracking metrics and accurate analytics reporting, enables you to accurately identify exactly where your calls and leads are coming from. These metrics provide your law firm with vital real time data by allowing you to see which marketing efforts provide the most calls and leads. Our call tracking and analytics reporting can show you exactly which campaign each visitor to your website has clicked on, whether it’s from a PPC campaign, local SEO or Social Media, or even which keywords were used in an organic search.

Tracking Click to Call

Call tracking metrics integration can even track each call that was generated from your click to call ads and call extension ads, all the way back to the exact keyword and ad that led to the call. It can even tell you exactly which pages of your website were visited before the call was made. This information can all then be used to fine tune your future marketing efforts and increase the ROI of each one.

Maximize Your Budget

Call tracking not only allows us to identify your law firms most successful and relevant marketing activities but also those that are not performing up to the level of returns that you need. Bullseye Law Firm Marketing uses this information to prevent our clients from wasting any unnecessary funds on marketing platforms that aren’t performing up to par. We don’t waste any time and will then divert that budget spend into other campaigns that generate only the best results for your law firm.

Measure the Quality of Your Leads

With call tracking metrics software such as CallRail, you also can analyze the quality and type of calls your marketing campaigns are generating. From the calls you are receiving you can determine if you are attracting the right type of prospects to your practice and offering the types of services the potential clients are calling about.

Understanding these details is necessary to ensure your marketing efforts are headed in the right direction.

The Right Call Tracking and Analytics for Your Law Firm

Having all this essential real time data on hand makes it easier than ever to get the most out of all your marketing activities and stand out from the crowd of legal professionals advertising online.

Bullseye Law Firm Marketing uses these law firm Call Tracking and Analytics regularly to refine your marketing tactics and provide your law firm with all the strategies to make sure your online marketing efforts are working as effectively as possible.

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