Law Firm Live Chat Services

Enhancing your website with US-based chat specialists ready to represent your legal brand 24/7 creates a positive user-experience that potential clients won’t be able to forget.

Law Firm Live Chat Services


Another critical element that your website’s function needs to serve is the ability to engage with your prospective clients whether you’re available or not. Even if your analytics tell you that your website is receiving tons of traffic, if you’re not engaging with and booking any clients, then your business may be suffering from low conversion. This is where Live Chat Services can help.

Live Chat Provides Instant Interaction

In this age where consumers expect instant gratification Live Chat Services can make the difference between someone leaving your website right away and going elsewhere or staying to ask a question and perhaps book their legal consultation.

Legal services as you know can’t be solved instantaneously but you can at least provide to potential clients a form of live assistance and engagement.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat, or Live help is live support software designed to provide online assistance to users of a website. You’ve undoubtedly seen invitations to talk with a live person pop up when you’ve visited certain website sites. In most cases the actual chatting is done by typing.

Live Chat as a Marketing Investment

A 2016 study conducted by the American Marketing Association showed that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to make a purchase.

Legal consumers looking for advice are certainly different than regular consumers looking to make an inquiry from their travel agent or about purchasing a television. Still, there are compelling reasons to invest in Live Chat:

  • Live chat provides instant engagement in real time. If you can’t interface with your prospective client right away or it’s after hours, this is a great feature to have to make sure no one slips through the proverbial cracks.
  • Live chat is more popular with younger generations – Studies show that younger clientele prefers to chat and text over social media and ‘live chat’ sessions rather than speak on the phone.
  • Conversations can be monitored, recorded and even emailed after the chat session is complete.
  • There are no forms or emails your prospects must fill out and wait for someone to get back to you

Ultimately, live chat services have been shown to provide a positive customer satisfaction rate all around, can offer a boost to your law firm’s conversion rates, maximize your website’s function and can be an efficient way to communication with clients and potential clients.

In other words, more visitors to your website are likely to inquire about you and perhaps hire you as their attorney or law firm with a Live Chat Service than without one.

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