Law Firm Marketing to Improve Your Online Presence Fast

Law Firm Marketing

Why do you need to have law firm marketing to improve your online presence?


Your ability and skill set as an attorney and top notch law firm is not enough to get you a steady stream of business. In order to reach your target audience and attract the type of clients you need, you must improve your online presence fast. Law firm marketing can help your practice get a boost in search engine ranking and allow your website to pull in potential clients quickly. 

What’s Wrong with My Old Website? 

You may have a sentimental attachment to your old website, but the bottom line is, it’s not bringing you clients. A number of factors affect your sites ability to rank well within the search engines, including:

  • The quality of your content
  • The number of external sites that link to you
  • Your page titles
  • Your keywords, headings, tags 
  • The frequency of content updates
  • The appearance of web site design and coding… and more
  • Google uses up to 200 different factors to measure a sites quality.
  • Do you as a busy attorney running a law firm have time for this? 
  • You need the help of a specialist who understands the inner technical workings of all these ranking factors. 
  • To extend your marketing reach beyond the search engines and into the web stratosphere you need to build PPC campaigns and Facebook Ads. 

Both allow you to hook into established web networks and place ads for your firm on thousands of web pages, while dealing with just one or two providers. 

This form of advertising will give your firm perfect exposure because it is targeted directly to a user who is searching for exactly the legal services you are providing. It even has the capability of geo targeting which delivers your legal firm’s content to your potential client’s exact geographic location. 

Online directories are excellent alternative for law firm marketing. Local directories and specialist legal directories are more likely to draw truly qualified client leads since they target a very specific audience. 

Marketing Expertise

Lawyers are trained & hired to practice the law. Your law degree didn’t teach you was how to market you firm and build your client base.

Building relationships and a solid network of professional acquaintances is critical to your ability to increase your client base. 

Today social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook are just as important as networking in person. These social networks give people an online platform to connect with business professionals as well as potential clients. 

Marketing a law firm presents unique challenges. New clients want detailed information in order to achieve a level of confidence that your firm has the necessary expertise to manage their case effectively.

Your Website is Valuable

Your web site is a plethora source of information. Adding a blog, FAQ page, video or eBook to your site provides rich content that people are searching for and allows you to rank for keywords that draw in relevant traffic back to your website. 

But not only that. You can also use it as a valuable recruitment tool. After all, you can’t grow your practice if your clients don’t like your attorneys. 

This is another reason why it’s so important to have a top online presence over your competitors. 

Contact the Bullseye experts today to get started building your law firm’s online presence fast! 

How Content Marketing Grows Your Law Firms Leads

Lawyers and legal attorneys benefit from having the type of website that is  easy to navigate, appealing to look at, call clients to action and most of all informative. No one really trusts a site that is too harsh and salesy and ‘in your face’. Harsh selling tactics just don’t cut it anymore. When it comes to legal matters, people want to take help from those they believe can solve their problems. In order to gain an edge over their competitors, law firms today need to rely more on soft selling efforts and content marketing is an ideal way to do that. Read on how content marketing can grow your law firms leads and get you more clients. 

What is Content Marketing for law firms

Content marketing for law firms includes valuable blog posts, relevant articles, social media updates related to your niche and other informative posts you make online.

By using these sources to provide informative content to your audience, you can easily create a competitive advantage over other law firms. Here are some ways content marketing can benefit your law firm and gain you more clients. 

Show Yourself as the Legal Expert in your Niche 

Be creative and use your content marketing posts to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your particular area of legal practice. If you are a real estate lawyer, you can create content that can help your audience who are specifically looking for information in that area. You can tell them about legal procedures, rules and other matters related to different situations regarding real estate law. The more informative the better and if you give it a ‘human’ element, that will make it even more engaging and likely for people to want to book an appointment and speak with you in person. 

Since the content is targeting your audience, make sure you write it in layman terms. Remember not everyone went to law school and you don’t want to lose your potential law firm leads by speaking to them in a language that is over their heads. 

By allowing people to post queries and comments on your posts, you can build a rapport with your audience, inciting them to contact you when in need.

Earn the Trust of Your Audience

By keeping up a stream of continuous and excellent content relevant to your area of practice and responding to your audience, you will likely build a long-lasting relationship with them based on trust. Knowing that you make remarkable effort to stay connected with your audience can make them consider you a reliable and helpful professional, two qualities that people mostly look for in legal attorneys. The more your audience starts trusting you, the greater are the chances that you will be their first choice when they need legal representation or counsel. Moreover, customers who trust you are more likely to refer you.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Another reason why content marketing is important for law firms is the boost it can give to your search engine rankings. Content that is fresh, up-to-date, informative and provides quality backlinks (when other websites link to yours) is valued by search engines and results in higher ratings. This can increase the visibility of your website in search engines while driving larger organic and a more targeted audience to your site. Very rarely do people take the time to go to the second or third pages of search engines so the first page is where your practice needs to be to get the law firm leads it needs.  

For expert marketing strategies to increase your online presence and boost your ranking in Google contact the experts at Bullseye Law Firm Marketing today!

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