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Keep a steady flow of prospects coming to your firm with inbound marketing

Law Firm Social Media Marketing


Keep a steady flow of prospects coming to your firm with inbound marketing

Having superior content helps to build awareness of your law firm and is an important way of demonstrating expertise and authority. Law Firm social media marketing campaigns draw people to your website. Your prospective clients rely on search engines to find exactly the services you are providing. But it’s unlikely that they will scroll down to the end of the page to locate your law firm. Your law firm website needs to have a winning content and social media strategy to have a strong search ranking position for the services you offer.

A higher search ranking means more traffic, hence more prospective clients to your website.

The Quality of Your Website Content Matters

For law firms in 2019, high quality content is essential for having your law firm rank high on the web. Google is getting more discerning about what determines will make the cut and websites that don’t provide high value will lose in ranking. There are many forms of content we can add to your website to meet Google’s requirements.

Some of these are:

  • Case Studies
  • Educational Blogs Articles
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • FAQs
  • How to Videos
  • Testimonials

This quality content in turns helps to create and reinforce a powerful SEO strategy as well.

Social Media Factors

Many wise attorneys and law firms are now realizing that social media is a great way to gain exposure for their law firms and gain advantage over their competitors. It’s expected that every business today has a presence on social media and if you don’t, it’s more than likely your prospective clients will go elsewhere.

Start with a professional looking website that has a consistent message, your services and your branded image that can extend across your social media profiles. Once you have configured your social media profiles, the number one strategy for delivering highly targeting traffic to your site is to create great content. An ideal place for all that content to be derived from should be your law blog.

Social media is not only great for finding leads and building relationships, it can also help you find out what conversations are going on about your firm, network with other attorneys and keep an eye on your competitors.

Building quality content and a solid social media plan takes time, the proper strategy and effort. Our team at Bullseye Law Firm Marketing can help you develop a superior content marketing plan and social media objectives that fit perfectly with your law firms’ goals, draw increased awareness and more leads to your practice.



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